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Virtu's mission is to empower children and young adults to break the cycle of poverty and achieve lifelong success through premium and long-term health, education and welfare initiatives.  One of the key means of providing these resources is through our sponsorship programs.

Through Virtu’s Sponsorship Program for the children of SAN, Virtu collects and disburses funds to support the young Hondurans who live in the projects under the care of Sister Maria Rosa Leggol and her staff.  100% of your sponsorship  funds  go  towards  food,  clothing,   shelter,

Sponsorship | Virtù, Inc.
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Virtu also promotes the education of the children under the care of SAN.  We believe this is a key to their success once they graduate from SAN's homes.  Once a child reaches the age of high school, Virtu, through our sponsors, assist covering the costs of high school, trade programs, and potentially a University Education.  Let us know if you are interested in further information about assisting with the education of high school or college age children of SAN.

All contributions are tax deductible and you will receive a year end IRS charitable contribution letter from Virtu, documenting your contributions.

healthcare, and education for the children, along with provisions for their caregivers.

When you choose to sponsor a child of SAN, you are telling that child that he/she is loved, that you care about him/her and you are providing them hope for their future.  Sponsorship is a BIG DEAL for the child.  Your child is proud to call you their Godparent.  They want to hear from you and see pictures of you and your family.

You may choose a child to sponsor or we can recommend a child who needs sponsors. We will send you a profile and picture of your child, and you may send cards, letters, and gifts for their birthdays and Christmas.

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