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Virtu strives to enable children to become successful adults. This is often done through early education programs, good living conditions, a healthy diet and proper care. Starting as young as four years old, Virtu starts children in its educational programs, such as pre school and English education. As the children become young adults, Virtu provides career building support and connections so that the participants can gain employment and successfully transition to a self-sufficient lifestyle. Our main goal is to provide the necessary support for each child to one day become productive members of society.

Elementary School Scholarship Program

Starting in 2018, Virtu has enrolled students in a bi-lingual elementary school.  We currently have 4 students enrolled in the program at a private school.  We believe that there will be substantial educational benefits of attending the private school and learning English in their studies.  As with all of our scholarship programs, it is the generous contributions from our sponsors that make these programs available to the students of Hogares Pedro Atala.

High School Scholarship Program

Since 2008, Virtu has supported the children within Hogares Pedro Atala in attending high school. This involves providing registration fees, transportation, books and general financial support. For those students who can qualify academically, Virtu also provides the opportunity to study at a private high school. This opportunity provides consistent more consistent classes, networking opportunities and most importantly, it reinforces to the younger children that if they work hard, you do have a chance at a better life.

University Scholarship Program

Since 2013, Virtu provides students graduating from high school with the opportunity to attend a University.  Virtu currently has 12 ladies and one young man enrolled in Universities. Areas of study include Communications, Marketing, Medicine, Hotel Hospitality, Dentistry and Nursing.

Tutoring Program

In an effort to further support the children in private school, Virtu provides tutoring to the children focusing on Math and Science. Our tutor offers tutoring sessions four days a week for two hours per day. This allows the children to receive additional academic support in difficult areas.

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